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Dualtone Terracotta 800ml Clay Bottle

Dualtone Terracotta 800ml Clay Bottle

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Remembering the aromatic redolence of 'geeli mitti', that whiff that takes you into an enigma of thoughts of our deeply rooted terracotta cult, A deep desire that stays intact even through our current modern ways of living.

Apart from its chattels of cooling water due to its porosity that is so gentle to our throats, It also provides healing with elements of earth as opposed to plastic and improved metabolism and virility, its alkaline nature provides proper pH balance that can curb acidity & gastronomic pains.

An overall Nature and Human health-friendly product worth vouching for!!

Material: Terracotta (clay) with wooden top
Design: Modern soft-edge bottle
Size: 32cm x 8cm
Capacity: 800ml

No chemicals added - Color/Texture may vary 

No chemicals added - Color/Texture may vary 

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