Our Story

Our 22 year journey to the 'House of Roya'

In the year 2001, we bought a few antique sideboards, cupboards, and chairs from Rajasthan to adorn our new home and sold a few pieces to friends and family. Little did we know that this move would lay the foundation for this extraordinary venture 22 years later.

In between corporate jobs, we dabbled with pop-up stores in London and Bangkok selling pashminas, cushion covers and jewellery with a nagging desire to "go big" someday.

In October 2022, fate intervened during a vacation to Indla. We happened to share a table with buyers from Italy attending a trade fair, and the dream of our House of Roya was set in motion.

Since then, we have been on several trips to India. Connecting with local entrepreneurs and artisans who share our passion for India's artistry and craftsmanship. From Moradabad to Firozabad, Jaipur to Faridabad, we've curated a collection that showcases the beauty of Indian home-ware while investing in artisans in need.

At the House of Roya, located at 23 Lordship Lane, East Dulwich SE22 8EW, we celebrate the fusion of tradition and modernity. Experience the diversity and creativity of artisans as you discover handcrafted homeware that seamlessly complements contemporary lifestyles.